AD Studios has years of experience in producing professional quality videography products delivered on DVD, VHS tapes, DV Cam tapes, Mini DV tapes with any other format you may have of choice and pushing on into HD DVD's & BLU-RAY.Video production & editing services are our most. We cater for a all levels depending on the material and formats you come in with. We also re-master DVDs for your memories to bridge the gap and help catch up with the changing technologies.

Since videography requires a lot of editing, delivery times vary from 4-8 weeks within which time DVD copies are delivered to the client to view through and make necessary changes and recommendations.

Video Demos

Please remember, videos made to be downloaded from the web have been compressed to approximately 1/10th of their original file size. This means that the quality you see on the web can be much lower than the final DVD's. Also remember that these are only highlights. The final videos are much longer.

Your Function Video

Our goal is to not only record the event, but also to recreate the story of your day. We give viewers the feeling of being there and experiencing the function themselves. Sometimes family and friends get a video because they cannot be there to experience the event due to various reasons. Once they watch their finished video, many tell us that they LOVE reliving the day because they could hardly remember it. They report how fast the day passed by.

As you search for a videographer, please know that not all videographers are the same. Most are not professional; that is they do not film and record weddings as their business. They are usually "videographers" on the side to make a couple of extra bucks on the weekend. I have met couple after couple that have regretted hiring a weekend warrior to video their wedding because of the poor quality and lack of professional editing.

Professional Videographer

We are professional videographers and this is our full-time business. We travel all over the United States. We don't just film functions on the weekend for extra money like many of the other videographers around. Your video is our job during the week and we take that work very seriously. Our film style for event videography is different than others. we take the footage that we film and create a masterpiece with music, beautiful editing and a movie-like flow. We want to capture the event, as it happened, and make something you will want to watch over and over.

Because of our commitment to creating the highest quality function videos possible, we use only the best, broadcast quality cameras.

Wedding Videography

A Wedding Videographer who truly cares about creating a perfect re-telling of your wedding day. I know that you and your family have worked very hard to get to this day and we at Aspen Media (formerly Coastal Videography) want to capture the emotions, sights and sounds as they happened. Our goal is to create a wedding movie that can relate your love for one another to the viewers. Only Videography can do this.

Why wedding videography? Watch the video to the left that was filmed at Drayton Hall. The bride and groom are very close to crying as they deliver their vows to one another. The moment is priceless. Without video, you would not be able to relive this moment with them. Picture yourself. How will you react?

Our approach is a cinematic styling which creates a video that you will never feel you have to fast forward to get to the good parts. There are very few videographers that put in the time and effort it takes to properly edit a video.

Finding the right videographer for your wedding is very important. Most important are those that are capturing your memories; the photographer and the videographer. After your wedding day passes, you are left with only a few things. You have the top of your cake, your photos and your video.

Don't just trust those extremely important memories to just anyone. We are one of the only full-time wedding videographers in the country. Others will try to squeeze the editing of your video in with their day job. Your wedding video IS our day job and we will deliver your finished videos shortly after you return from your honeymoon.

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